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Green AccountingMechanism for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is endowed with a rich profile of natural resources, which is consisted of numerous productive physical and biological assets. Recent attempts to achieve a higher rate of economic growth have brought this heritage of environmental resources under constant stress. The country at present faces a numerous environmental problems that include various forms of land degradation, deforestation, loss of bio diversity, indoor and outdoor air pollution, pollution of water sources, mismanagement of solid waste, and over-exploitation of biological resources. Failure to incorporate the role of natural capital in the System of National Accounts (SNA) has led to neglect environmental resources by policy makers, thereby it is resulting in further degradation of environmental and natural resources. Therefore, achieving the sustainable development goals of the country demands formulation and implementation of wise policies that can positively contribute to the economy as well as the environment of the country.
Sustainable Development Division has taken necessary steps to initiate a green accounting mechanism for Sri Lanka with the collaboration of other relevant stakeholders in the country. Initially, it was decided to value the forestry sector contribution to the National GDP.

The following activities were carried out during the reporting period;

  • Conducted a steering committee meeting on 30th August 2010.

  • Established a working group for preparing a forestry sector concept paper.

  • Developed a concept paper for forestry sector

  • Conducted a forestry sector working group meeting on 04.11.2010.

  • Conducted a stakeholder workshop on 22.12.2010.

  • Paper advertisement was published on 08th May 2011 for selecting a consultant(s) for valuing the forestry sector contribution to the National Economy. Nine applications were received and submitted to the Technical Evaluation Committee for the recommendation and evaluating process is ongoing.

  • Appointed a Technical Evaluation Committee for evaluating applications

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