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Small Grant Research Programme – 2021

Sustainable Land Management and Land Degradation Prevention Under the thematic

areas of Soil and Mineral sectors.

  • Recognizing the magnitude of Land Degradation and Droughts in the country, National Focal Point to the UNCCD, Ministry of Environment has identified the research needs and capacity development in the universities and the other institutions regarding the thematic areas such as sustainable land management, Land degradation prevention, Impact of soil pollution, fertility and productivity management of soil, sustainable extraction of mineral resources, etc. Land Resources Division of this Ministry has planned to provide small grants for selected Research projects after Technical Evaluation Committee appointed for the said purpose.
  • Therefore, you are kindly invited to submit your research proposals for the consideration of partial funding under the above said thematic areas according to the research format and the guideline.
  • Please send your research proposals on or before 05th May 2021 to Director, (Land Resources Division), Ministry of Environment, “Sobadam Piyasa”, 416/C/1, Robert Gunerwardana Mawatha, Battaramulla.
  • Contact details for further information:
                                      Ms. Himali De Costa
                                      Assistant Director (Land Resources)
                                      Ministry of Environment
                                      Tel. - 0112034224
                                      Mob. - 0702707747
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Research format and the Guideline - Download
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