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Designated National Authority.(DNA)

DNA is a body established by the Government of Sri Lanka to approve and authors participation by entities in CDM project in Sri Lanka. The main function of the DNA is to assess the potential CDM projects to determine whether they will assist Sri Lanka in achieving its sustainable development goals and issue approval letter to Project participants in CDM projects. In this regard the DNA will perform talks of

  1. Evaluation & Approval of CDM project,
  2. Capacity Development foe CDM Project Development and
  3. CDM Market. Details each of these tasks are given below.


  1. Evaluation & Approval
    1. Adaptation of International Criteria
    2. Development of National Criteria
    3. Establish Guidelines for the CDM Project Development
    4. Establish National Procedure for Evaluation & Approval of CDM Project(s)

  2. Capacity Development for CDM Project Development
    1. To identify and formulate project(s)
    2. To definite Baseline
    3. To quantify Emission Reduction(s)
    4. To monitor project(s)' performance

  3. CDM Market Promotion
    1. Developing portfolio that contains reliable information and data
    2. Providing technical input for identification, formulation and development of CDM project(s) & baseline of the CDM project in Sri Lanka
    3. Providing carbon market information
    4. Supporting generation of cost effective CERs with maximum quantity

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